Why when I search for a ticket between two cities do I have to chose a specific fare zone?

Why when I search for a ticket between two cities do I have to chose a specific fare zone?

On some of our routes, the cost of travel differs across our stops. While in the same city, the stops may require different fees based on distance from the destination. We ask you to choose your specific stop or 'fare zone' for your origin point, so we are sure we are charging you an accurate fare price, and you can board the bus with ease once you arrive.
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    • Why can I purchase tickets for one route between two cities but not another route between the same two cities?

      As we offer online ticketing, we are expanding the ability to purchase tickets across the entire Coach USA network of buses and routes, but that takes time. We will be adding more routes each day. If you would like updates, sign up for an account ...
    • Can I share a multi-ride ticket with another passenger?

      Some of our tickets, such as our 10 trip, 20 trip, and 40 trip tickets allows for sharing. For specific rules for each ticket, please click on the fare rules link on the corresponding tab and the information icon (lowercase i) next to each specific ...
    • When I buy my bus ticket online, is it a reservation?

      There are no reservations. What you are buying online is an open bus ticket on any of our scheduled buses on the date(s) selected. If you are asked to provide an intended time of travel, that is for our planning purposes only. We understand that your ...
    • Can I split my payment across two forms of payment?

      Yes!  You can use two forms of payment online.  Simply click the "split my payment" button on the checkout page to enter two payment options and the value you would like charged to each of them. 
    • Does my ticket expire?

      All one-way and round-trip tickets are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. The dates displayed are schedules for a rolling week in 7 day increments; they do not change and would be the same for each subsequent rolling 7 days. And while you ...