If I have purchased before, will my payment details be pre-populated?

If I have purchased before, will my payment details be pre-populated?

We are only able to pre-populate details that have been saved to an account. If you would like to check out quicker in the future, sign up for an account, save your address and credit card, and next time you check out, we will take care of filling out all of that information.
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    • How do I edit my card details?

      To edit your card details, simply delete the card and then choose to add a new card to save the new details.
    • Can I split my payment across two forms of payment?

      Yes!  You can use two forms of payment online.  Simply click the "split my payment" button on the checkout page to enter two payment options and the value you would like charged to each of them. 
    • What forms of payment do you accept?

      We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express on our website.
    • How do I get my receipt for my ticket?

      Your receipt will be emailed to you upon purchase and if you sign up for an account, it will also be listed as a link next to each of the tickets you purchased. Please note, receipts are on a transaction basis, so it will show all tickets you have ...
    • Unable to view my tickets - Aug 2022 Purchase

      Due to a recent technical issue with tickets purchased through the Coach USA app, your tickets purchased between August 1-August 31 on the app will no longer be valid for travel effective immediately.  The issue meant that you were not charged at the ...