How do I edit my card details?

How do I edit my card details?

To edit your card details, simply delete the card and then choose to add a new card to save the new details.
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    • If I have purchased before, will my payment details be pre-populated?

      We are only able to pre-populate details that have been saved to an account. If you would like to check out quicker in the future, sign up for an account, save your address and credit card, and next time you check out, we will take care of filling ...
    • Can I save my credit card?

      We currently allow the ability to save one credit card, but going forward you will be able to save additional payment methods. You can also label your card, so you can easily identify it as a business card or personal card.
    • When I save my card, why does it not ask for my CVV code?

      We do not store your CVV code to protect the security of your card. You will be asked to provide this at checkout each time, but it will not be saved by our system.
    • How much does it cost to rent a bus for an event?

      Pricing varies depending on your location, the length of time you need the bus for, the size of your group and the specifics of your itinerary.  For a free quote, give us your details by filling out our quick form at