Can I use my ticket on another date or at another time if my flight is late or is canceled?

Can I use my ticket on another date or at another time if my flight is late or is canceled?

You may be prompted to select an anticipated date and time of travel when booking a bus ticket online for planning purposes. However, due to the unpredictable nature of airline and train connections, one way and round trip tickets may be redeemed up to 1 year from the date of purchase.
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    • Does my ticket expire?

      Each ticket may have an expiration date, and these may vary across routes and ticket types. On each Search Tab (One-Way, Round-Trip, Multi-Ride) There is a link that lists the fare rules for that ticket segment including the expiration date. If you ...
    • Can I share a multi-ride ticket with another passenger?

      Some of our tickets like the 50-Trip ticket allows for sharing, but the other multi-trip tickets do not. For specific rules for each ticket, please click on the fare rules link on the corresponding tab and the information icon (lowercase i) next to ...
    • When I buy my bus ticket online, is it a reservation?

      There are no reservations. What you are buying online is an open bus ticket on any of our scheduled buses on the date(s) selected. If you are asked to provide an intended time of travel, that is for our planning purposes only. We understand that your ...
    • What if I lose my ticket or can't find my online bus ticket? Can the driver look up my booking?

      Drivers and agents do not have the ability to look up bus ticket bookings online. The customer must keep their ticket safe and secure as replacements for lost tickets will not be issued. The customer must present their ticket to board vehicles. The ...
    • Does my ticket expire?

      All tickets are valid for one year from the date of purchase.