Can I buy a ticket for Coach USA's airport service when boarding the bus?

Can I buy a ticket for Coach USA's airport service when boarding the bus?

Yes, all tickets can be purchased at the time of boarding the bus, however we do recommend buying your ticket online to get the best price and to make for a quick and easy trip!  Please note, when purchasing a ticket directly with the driver, at Van Galder, there is a $6.00 up-charge.  
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    • Does Coach USA serve Chicago's Midway Airport?

      No, Coach USA does not serve Chicago's Midway Airport.  Unfortunately, we do not anticipate the Midway service to resume in the near future as prior the pandemic, the ridership was marginal, therefore we continue to monitor enplanements at Midway to ...
    • How many bags can I bring on Airport Service?

      Two pieces of luggage will be accepted for transportation in the luggage compartment and one piece may be carried on the bus free of charge. Coach USA reserves the right to limit and charge customers for additional pieces of luggage. At this time a ...
    • When I buy my bus ticket online, is it a reservation?

      There are no reservations. What you are buying online is an open bus ticket on any of our scheduled buses on the date(s) selected. If you are asked to provide an intended time of travel, that is for our planning purposes only. We understand that your ...
    • What if I lose my ticket or can't find my online bus ticket? Can the driver look up my booking?

      Drivers and agents do not have the ability to look up bus ticket bookings online. The customer must keep their ticket safe and secure as replacements for lost tickets will not be issued. The customer must present their ticket to board vehicles. The ...
    • Milwaukee Mitchell Airport Shuttle

      The stop for Coach USA is located outside of baggage claim door #1 at Milwaukee Airport. The Mitchell Airport shuttle pick up and drop off is located across the Median.