Where do I get the shuttle from O'Hare Airport

Where do I get the shuttle from O'Hare Airport

From terminal 5, proceed to door #5E. The Chicago O’Hare Airport Shuttle pick up location is easiest accessed through Exit A or B.  I have attached a link that provides you with all the information you may require: 

If your flight arrives in terminals #1, #2, and #3, the O’Hare Airport Shuttle will pick up passengers at the Bus Shuttle Center, outside Door #4, for your convenience. The bus shuttle center is located across from the Hilton Hotel in the middle of the 3 terminals. Our Chicago O’Hare Airport Shuttle Pick Up location is easily found from baggage claim, follow the signs to the bus shuttle center.

For Arrivals, the Chicago O’Hare Airport Shuttle Drop Off will conveniently drop off passengers at each of the 3 terminals and the International Terminal (Terminal 5).
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